VoIP Service – A Suite Of Advanced Telephony Features

Mobility, flexibility and unified communication are some of the major trends in the telecommunication domain, nowadays. These can be met with the adoption of VoIP services; the potential users are then able to share text, images, and videos with their clients or partners. As a matter of fact, these services have become an important part of communications – both personal or otherwise. Without being an expert in this domain, any entity can meet the requirements of becoming a provider of such services. Besides all these, the IP telephony services also deliver the ultimate flexibility to people for connecting with others.It can be said with a lot of conviction that the latest services pertaining to voice over IP has brought in quite a radical change in the way one communicates. With clear call quality, excellent QoS issues, improved productivity, and 24×7 customer service, there is little more that any user could ask for.The VoIP services strives to identify and provide the best in the telecom domain. As a matter of fact, it delivers competitive edge to all its business users with its services. Therefore, the business entities can establish reliable and secured connections with others, at relatively low costs.An advanced VoIP phone service uses the broadband speed Internet connection to ensure a unified communication. In stark contrast to the wires in the traditional PSTN services, these services are expected to bring about a reduction in the monthly telephone bills. With these services, the business entities can cut-down on their monthly bills by as much as up to 60 percent. While looking at the incredible savings, it can be said that in the upcoming 20 years or much sooner, the world telephone systems will definitely be run on the fiber optics instead of coaxial wires.The companies that offer business VoIP services are well-known as VoIP service providers, wholesalers and resellers. The Tier1 providers have their physical network; they offer some portion of their services and products to wholesalers or resellers, according to their specific needs or requirements. Nowadays, especially in the developed countries, these services are increasingly gaining importance over the PSTN services. These services are backed with various features and benefits such as:1.Flexibility: The VoIP business services are more flexible than the PSTN services. The potential users can increase or add telephone lines to their preexisting systems.2.Scalability: These services are location independent, as business users can enjoy communication from anywhere, even across the national boundaries.3.Additional benefits: The value added services play an important role in attracting the users. Unlike PSTN services, the users can enjoy additional features pertaining to communication such as 3-way calling, caller ID, call forwarding and call waiting. The audio and video conferencing is also possible with the advanced IP telephony services.4.Cost Advantages: With the business VoIP services, the users can enjoy incredible savings on their monthly telephone bills. The cost advantage is dependent on the selection of the IP service provider as well as the IP products that are in use.To conclude, it can be said that VoIP services are getting popularity over the other traditional services, as business users enjoy various features and benefits.

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